Customer Service

Shipping & Delivery
Live Tanks shippping standards and procedures are very high.  We take pride in providing you with the arrival of the healthiest aquatics. 
FREE SHIPPING with all orders over $
only applies to addresses in the continental United States of America.
worth of aquatics or more.
- Once we receive your fully paid order we will begin the shipping process.  Ordering before 9am EST will ensure same day shipping and next day delivery on most orders. 
- Please have a member of the shipping address household over the age of 18 present during the scheduled delivery time to ensure optimal health of your order.  Less shipping time means less stress.
Returns & Replacements
Here at Live Tanks we guarantee every aquatic organism that we ship.  Since not every delivery and package handling is the same we will take claims on a case by case situation.  We are extremely easy to deal with and will offer you a gracious return for any problems that will arise in most cases.  All we ask is that you contact us via email with your situation with ample amount of information such as photos, proof and time of delivery, etc. so the decision process goes smoother.  If you have multiple orders that have problems we may refuse to continually reimberse or refund portions of the order as we may see a pattern of claims.
Once you see items that you wish to purchase all you have to do is hit the add to cart button.  The product will go into your cart.  After you are done shopping click on the my cart icon on the upper right of the screen and proceed to checkout.  Once at checkout we recommend you register or login if you have registered prior.  After that you can proceed to checkout.  Once checkout is complete and payment is rececive we will begin the shipping process and contact you if we have any questions or information that you will need to know about your order.
Payment, Pricing & Promotions
Our pricing is competitive to other retailers in the industry.  Due to the sources, characteristics, size, and coloration of some of the aquatics at Live Tanks we may be below or above other online retailers' pricing.  Please note that visiting our facility during public hours of operation may reflect pricing variations on some of the aquatics listed on our website.  They may or may not be available during public hours as well.  Nonetheless if you purchase from us we ask that you pay in full to receive your order in a timely manner.  At Live Tanks we do run various promotions and those promotions can, may, may not, or could be refused during certain times, on certain orders, and on some individual aquatic species.
If you have any other specific questions we recommend you inquire prior to ordering for a smoother transaction.